Woman Brings Home Wrong Dog From Pet Groomer and Failed to Notice for Four Months

For most owners, our pets are like our children. This is why most of us feel we could tell our pets apart among dozens of lookalikes due to our shared bond. After all, we know our fur babies.

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Well, one woman thought she did until she learned she’d been living with the wrong dog for four months after a crazy mixup at her pet groomer.

Her dog is a German Shepherd mixed with a Newfoundland and had been only at the groomers for a quick summer trim.

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When she picked up her pup, she noticed that she behaved differently.

“When we got her back from her hair cut she began to act very strange. Physically, she was identical but mentally she was not there. She began to get more aggressive (she bit my hand when I would feed her scraps, or she wanted my attention), ignore people whom she knew and was acquainted with (this dog bonded to me and ignored my father, brother, and neighbors), and she changed her entire routine with the family.”

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She found this pretty odd as her dog had always been very attached to her dad, to the point she experienced anxiety when he was away.

“For four months I’ve been taking care of and loving this dog I was calling Emma who looked exactly like my dog but somehow different from the Emma I once knew.”

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It was the groomer who first noticed the mixup. They called, and her mom answered the phone.

“Their dog is my dog’s almost identical twin sister from the same litter.”

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As an apology, the groomer dropped off a few big baskets of gifts for both pups and their owners. (and one would hope to refund their grooming fees!).

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It was a good thing both owners loved their pets and took such good care of each other’s dogs for the last four months.

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