Wife only sleeps with me so I won’t divorce her

My wife and I had a kid almost 2 years ago now. We hadn’t slept together since she was 7 months pregnant.

I knew she had a couple of issues with tightness after the baby but she’s very private about her own struggles. She doesn’t let anyone know what she’s going through.

About three months ago she began to make a change. Our sex life went from 0 to 100. It was like our honeymoon again. I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth and I loved having full intimacy with my wife again.

Last week she came to me and admitted that she has a small bit of bleeding every time we slept together but told me not to worry, it wasn’t a big deal and her doctor gave her the all clear. I was a bit worried but trusted my wife.

I shouldn’t have done that. I walked in on her in the bathroom after and it wasn’t a little bit of blood.

We had a pretty rough conversation where she said it really didn’t hurt and that she wanted to be intimate with me again because she loved me and didn’t want to lose me. Her words.

I know where she got the idea. A couple friends of ours got divorced because of a dead bedroom and I made the dumb comment that I didn’t get how she was blindsided if they had a dead bedroom.

Obviously she would project it onto our situation. I never meant it like that but who wouldn’t think their spouse would leave.

Now I’m trying to get her to a better doctor because the ones in our region are shit.

And I can’t sleep with my wife when she’s bleeding like a shark victim but she thinks I’m going to leave her.