UPS Driver Falls From Porch And Asks For The Video.

There are numerous occupations that may pose safety risks. One such example is the job of a delivery driver, who frequently handles heavy packages, encounters animals, and navigates unfamiliar areas.

A UPS driver knows the risks of delivering packages, but he can find humor in it. Watch the video below to see the serious fall he took.

If you have ever seen a UPS driver at work, you would know that they are extremely fast. They have a tight schedule and try to complete their tasks as quickly as they can.

The UPS driver was in a hurry while delivering the package. Suddenly, he slipped and fell to the ground. Although it wasn’t funny, he seemed to find humor in his own stumble.

The UPS driver quickly got up and made his way back to the truck. Once he composed himself, he decided to inform the homeowner about his fall and advised them to check their video camera.

He also requested them to send the video via text message, indicating his good sense of humor.

The UPS driver has a TikTok account and he wanted to share with everyone the experience of falling off a porch while working. It’s great that he could find humor in it and didn’t get injured.