They Had Been Trying to Have a Child for Six Years, but When the Woman Got Pregnant, the Man Ran Away.

A woman struggled for six years to conceive before finally getting pregnant. Excited about the news, she chose to share it with her boyfriend on his 30th birthday. However, his unexpected reaction left her speechless.

The 26-year-old woman, who had been in a relationship with her partner for a decade, had both been planning to start a family. When she posted her experience on Reddit, the online community criticized her partner, expressing their concerns in the comments. A month later, she updated Redditors on the aftermath of confronting him.

The Original Poster (OP) had been unwell for a few days but couldn’t see a doctor due to her busy work schedule. On her boyfriend’s birthday morning, she finally made it to her doctor’s appointment, thinking about his celebration. The doctor revealed she was pregnant after checking her vital signs and asking questions.

Delighted by the news after years of trying, she kept it to herself until she got home, considering it the perfect gift for her partner. However, upon her return, she found her boyfriend engrossed in conversation with a friend. Seeking privacy, she pulled him aside to share the news, but he ignored her.

Despite his request to wait, she couldn’t contain her excitement and revealed the pregnancy in front of everyone. His angry reaction surprised her, as he accused her of ruining his day and insisted it was supposed to be about him.

The OP shared on Reddit that her partner left, and when he returned ten days later, he confessed to wanting to break up, citing another woman. Shockingly, he offered her anything to convince her to abort their child, which she refused. He gave her two weeks to find a new place to live.

The individual also said that her partner had no desire to tie the knot since, in his words, «marriage was something people needed to do to prove their love.» She said that he had prevented her from going to college as it was many hours away from their home.

She also acknowledged that the experience had made her understand that, rather than being a «doormat» for others to tread on, she needed to stand up for herself, but the awareness didn’t sit well with many around her. She went on to say, «Some people have said that I’ve changed from the “sweet innocent” person they knew before this whole thing happened.»

The majority of Redditors felt her partner was at blame and sympathized with OP. They thought he didn’t have to pretend that he wanted to have a child with her.