They Do Exist!

Many of us undoubtedly dreamed about our stuffed animals coming to life when we were kids. They would have been the ideal pets since they were always so adorable, cuddly, and soft. Your childhood fantasies could, in a sense, come true! A brand-new cat breed has been recognized by the authorities: Cats with Poodles

Cats that are poodles?
Don’t worry, despite their appearance, poodle cats are not a hybrid of the well-known canine breed and a cat. The true name of the breed, as assigned to the cat by experts from the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, is the Selkirk Rex: a fluffy cat with characteristically curled hair. The cat is also referred to as “a cat in sheep’s clothing.”

The History of Selkirk Rex Poodles
It’s possible to compare the Selkirk Rex to Cinderella. In Montana in 1987, a stray cat gave birth to a litter of kittens. But one cat stood out from the others because she had curly whiskers and, as she developed, curly fur. Jeri Newman, a Persian cat breeder, noticed her distinctive appearance when she was in the shelter where she was being housed. After naming her “Miss DePesto” in honor of the TV program “Moonlighting” secretary who was equally well-known for her curly hair, he adopted her.

A predominant gene
Although the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex are two breeds of cats that carry the curly-haired gene, the chance of obtaining curly-haired kittens from them is relatively low due to the non-dominant nature of the gene in those cats.

Miss DePesto was adopted by Newman, although he was unaware of her dominant curly gene at the time. Using his black Persian PhotoFinish, he bred her and watched to see what would happen. As expected, three of the six kittens in the litter had curly hair when they were born. This established the dominant nature of the gene, establishing the Selkirk Rex as the first naturally occurring curly-haired breed.

How to identify if a litter contains a Selkirk Rex
It might seem apparent, but it’s difficult to determine if a kitten in a litter is straight or curly when it’s the firstborn. You have to gaze at their beards instead. The whiskers of Selkirk Rex, often known as poodle cats, are curled from birth.

Poodle cat care guidelines
The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) describes Selkirks as a robust, generally healthy breed. They make fantastic pets since they are also incredibly tolerant, affectionate, and patient. It is true that they require slightly different care than ordinary cats:

Compared to cats with straight hair, you really need to brush your Selkirk less frequently to keep their curls intact, regardless of how long or short their hair is.
Be careful not to use fur-coating shampoos while giving poodle cats a wash. Request suggestions from your local pet store or breeder.
Accept that your cat appears a little “messy” or “disheveled”—that’s how they’re intended to look! Allow their curls to come through naturally.

The ideal animals
As was previously said, Selkirks are renowned for being incredibly loving cats. They generally like to be hugged and are lively and attention-seeking. Be ready to spend a lot of money if their lively, cuddly personality and silky, curly fur just won’t go away! The price range for a single Selkirk kitten is $500–$800.

Your allergies could prevent you from buying one of these adorable cats, even if the price doesn’t. These cats are clearly not hypo-allergenic, unlike real poodles, and are typically not suited for people with pet allergies.

A brand-new closest buddy
You are thus in luck if your childhood fantasy was for your teddy bear to come to life and become your best buddy and pet. Get in contact with a local breeder right now to adopt one of these adorable, curly-haired animals; you won’t regret it!