They discovered this stairway that led down behind a hatch while remodeling an old bar.

Thanks to social media, the following pictures gained a lot of attention and received hundreds of likes and comments from people all around the world. The cause? Keep reading.

A few young individuals entered an old, deserted pub, and that was how it all began.

They had just purchased it and needed to renovate it, but they were more intrigued by how time seemed to stand still in this odd place.

Their interest peaked only when they noticed that there was something on the floor that appeared to be a lid.

They immediately shoved it away and realized they were stuck when they noticed a very lengthy stairway that appeared to be leading nowhere. The end was invisible to the hidden eye.

They went down when they finally got the courage, but what they found there left them speechless!

Downstairs was an extraordinarily magnificent booth ripped as if from another era.

This is how it looked like: