“They Are Already 13 Years Old”: What Was The Fate Of The World’s First Octuplets And Their Heroic Mom?

The 26th of January, 2022, marks the 13th year since the historic birth of octuplets that captured global attention.

On 26, January, 2009, six boys and two girls were delivered via cesarean section in the United States, making headlines worldwide.

Nadia Suleman, their mother, who was 34 at the time, was already a parent to six other children, bringing her total count to 14 kids, all of whom were conceived via in vitro fertilization (IVF) without a partner’s involvement.

According to Suleman, her fertility doctor implanted 12 embryos, leading to her multiple pregnancy, a procedure she claimed to have been misled about. This incident lead to the revocation of her doctor’s medical license due to ethical breaches and prompted stricter regulations surrounding IVF practices in the US.

Suleman, dubbed “Octomom” by the media, faced both criticism and praise. She insists her decision to have more children was driven by love, not a desire for fame or financial gain, although she did venture into reality television and other media projects to support her family.

Presently, Suleman’s family leads a modest yet stable life. Nadia is an active social media user, often sharing updates about her octuplets and advocating for a healthy, vegan lifestyle.

Despite the hurdles, the family portrays an image of happiness and unity.