The Magical Moment Keith Urban Invited An 11 Year Old Singer To Perform Infront Of 20,000 People

It’s not unusual for Keith Urban to pick out talented fans from the crowd and bring them up on stage. But one girl stole the show from the moment she got her hands on the microphone. 11-year-old Lauren Spencer Smith took over the stage with her performance of “Make You Feel My Love.” Talent exudes from the young girl and when she and Keith sing together, it’s magical.

Stunning Harmony

During Sunfest 2015, Keith Urban brought Lauren on stage, but before calling her out he had a few wonderful things to say about her.

“She’s got an amazing little voice and she’s only eleven,” Keith says. “And I just wanted to sing with her so bad.”

Keith holds contests, giving fans a chance to sing with him on stage. Though Lauren didn’t win, he appreciated her talent so much that he had to sing with her as well. The confident kiddo prepared for what would become a dream come true of an experience.

Lauren delivered quite the performance to remember. It’s rare to see such a full-bodied, dazzling voice be emitted from a child, but Lauren is living proof that this sort of talent exists. Plus, it definitely didn’t go unnoticed by Keith Urban. She’s got a hopeful future in music if she keeps this up. Way to go, Lauren!

Endless Renditions

“Make You Feel My Love” was written by Bob Dylan and released off his 1997 album Time Out Of Mind. The talented Billy Joel originally took it under his wing as the first release but it has since been re-recorded by several incredible artists. The song has become a huge success for artists such as Garth Brooks and Adele, charting all three times.

Check out Keith and Lauren serenade the crowd with their stunning duet of “Make You Feel My Love” below!