The doctors performed thorough testing for albinism but determined he did not..Parents don’t know what to think when baby is born with snow white hair

Little baby Bence was born in the difficult-to-pronounce city of Székesfehérvár, Hungary.

His parents couldn’t wait to meet their new baby and see his face for the first time. What will he look like? Who will he resemble more? Will he be bald or have some hair?

But Bence wasn’t born looking like most babies. He came into the world with a full head of snow white hair.


It’s normal for babies to be born bald, with some hair, or a lot of it. And it’s even normal for them to lose that hair over a few months before growing it back.

There’s no rule book, and it’s not a reflection of their health. It just comes down to genetics.


But white hair? That’s one thing you don’t see in the delivery room every day.

That style is usually reserved for a person’s late 50s or later.


Throughout Scandinavia it’s common for newborns to have very light blonde hair, which could easily be confused for white, but that’s due to their blonde hair blue-eyed heritage.

Hungarians have a lot of different heritage, and there’s no “typical” Hungarian face. But they tend to have darker hair and eye color features. Drew Barrymore has Hungarian heritage, for example.

So this white hair definitely came as a shock.


Sure, Bence looked adorable, but his parents’ first worry was that he had been born with albinism, a congenital disorder which prevents the body from producing any melanin.

Albinism is not usually life threatening, but increases the risk of skin cancer and causes a lot of sensitivity to light in general.


The doctors performed thorough testing for albinism but determined he did not have it.

However, he did have low levels of melanin which is why his hair was so white. He was at no risk and was born perfectly healthy, with a normal height, weight, and was on time.


Because it was just temporarily low level of melanin, doctors predicted that his hair would get darker as he got older.

Sort of like a real life Benjamin Button!


“It is rather a local and likely a temporary pigment shortage, the hair of the boy might get darker in a couple of years,” explained doctor Zoltan Kummer

He is now affectionately referred to as “Prince Charming”, because he was such a delightful baby and all the nurses in the ward loved him.


The name is really quite fitting for a child born in Székesfehérvár, colloquially known as just Fehérvár… which translates to “white castle”!

The city features many beautiful and historic castles, like Bory Castle. It was built brick by brick by one man, who dedicated the incredible architecture to the love of his life. Kind of like a Hungarian Taj Mahal!

The castle has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records because of it.


His adorable nickname and unique head of hair quickly went viral, and millions from all over the world agree he’s a special baby boy.

I know every child is unique, but there’s no doubt that Bence really stood out right from the get-go!

He does look a little bit like an old wise king… but I’m sure he’ll look more youthful as he gets older. Who would have thought?


Watch the video below for more about this baby’s unique story!

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