She Destroys Him in the Moment

So there we were, in a grocery line that felt like an eternity, when this dude totally bulldozed into my pregnant wife and our cart. I was about to lose it, but she had a different, epic plan up her sleeve. Spoiler: Karma’s about to get real. When I was a kid, my mother had this saying: “What happens, happens.” I didn’t know how true it was until much later. I didn’t like letting things go. Trusting in karma didn’t seem like the best plan when you could take matters into your own hands. I mean, how often do you actually get to see justice in action, right? That was until I met the love of my life, Karol, who, as it turns out, would give me a front-row seat to how the universe had its own idea of balance. Let’s go back to the beginning: I met her when I was still figuring out life at 26. She became the best part of my day, every day, and I like to think that I became much more chill thanks to her. Maybe that’s not true, but I think she changed the way I looked at life.

The restlessness that I’d felt in my early adult life changed into…protectiveness. Fierce and wild. Things between us didn’t happen quickly. We were friends and lovers, and until then, I didn’t know how that was possible, but she showed me. We took our time, soaking in every moment, and after three years, I decided it was time to get down on one knee. We got married – something small and simple with our families and close friends – and we started settling. When I thought life couldn’t get any better, we found out Karol was pregnant. The protectiveness in my heart went into overdrive. It was like I had to be alert for danger. My mother laughed at me once for that. Karol wasn’t even showing yet, but I was helping her with things and telling her to sit and rest all the time. Mom shook her head at me, and once again, said: “What happens, happens. ”That didn’t mean I couldn’t be prepared, just in case. Things only got worse as Karol’s belly grew bigger. It wasn’t until she snapped at me that I woke up and backed down. “Josh! I can stand by myself just fine! JEEZ! ”I knew that, but what if she fell? Regardless, one look – more like a side-eye, really – from her was all I needed to calm down a little. She gave me a project: decorate the nursery, and it brought me some peace. But months later, I felt like my peace was about to explode. Karol and I were in a MASSIVE line at the grocery store, and I was worried because she was shifting around. That meant her feet were hurting. She was 7 months along after all. Out of nowhere, this huge man barrels through, bumping into our cart and my PREGNANT wife. “Step off, I’m in a rush! ”The audacity! I felt my blood boiling and I think it had to do with the months I had stayed mindful. But Karol grabbed my arm just as I was about to unleash a storm on that idiot. “Don’t waste yourself on him, just look what will happen next,” she whispered. I stayed still, totally curious. We watched as Mr. Rude Guy smugly paid for his items and strutted towards the exit, only for an alarm to go off. Two guards appeared out of nowhere and took him away. I heard Karol laughing. I turned to her with what I’m sure was a quizzical expression. “How did you know?” I asked, about to burst out in chuckles too. “While he was busy throwing his weight around, I slipped a little something into his pocket. A goodbye gift with a security tag.” She winked and laughed some more. My jaw hit the floor. She looked at me with an innocent expression, and I just laughed with her. Boy, I married the best woman in the world. And I also learned that you can let things happen on karma alone, but a little push makes life a whole lot better. Do you have any other tales about karmic justice like this?