Sam Elliott has a daughter — and she’s stunning

Since their 1984 wedding, Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross have become regulars on the red carpets in Hollywood.

Katharine Ross was a well-known actress who was already married when Sam Elliott first met her. She was the love of his life.
However, Elliott experienced love at first sight and understood he would need to exercise patience.

Now, 74-year-old Sam and his devoted wife Katharine Ross have been together for at least three arduous decades and counting.

It may come as a surprise to you to find that the pair have a daughter named Cleo Rose Elliott who is 34 years old given that they have managed to keep their family life relatively discreet despite their celebrity status.

The Elliott family is not frequently seen together, but Cleo was present on the red carpet with her parents thanks to her dad’s first Oscar nomination for his outstanding performance in “A Star Is Born.”

The daughter Elliott may not have known he had has grown up to be a stunning woman, as evidenced by the red carpet pictures.

Along with her parents, Cleo went to the “A Star Is Born” premiere.
You can clearly see that they resemble each other when they pose next to her father, don’t you think?

Sam and Katharine welcome their only child, a daughter they named Cleo Rose Elliott, four months after becoming husband and wife.

After attending the Joanne Barron/D.W. Brown Acting Studio to learn how to sing professionally, she gained some notoriety as a musician.

Perhaps her most notable quality is that she is the only child of two well-known Hollywood actors. Cleo, though, has achieved a number of things on her own.

After attending the Joanne Barron/D.W. Brown Acting Studio to learn how to sing professionally, she gained some notoriety as a musician.

Cleo’s first modeling gig was in the live hair-styling program “Sexyhair,” which she participated in.

Although Cleo’s parents used to send her to flute and guitar lessons at a very young age in her childhood, it is unclear exactly when she developed an interest in what she does today.

But there is no doubt that Cleo had an impact on her father. Elliott has acknowledged that he was a fan of Lady Gaga prior to working on the film, partly because of his daughter.

Elliott is heard in an interview saying: “We’re all Lady Gaga fans, but because of Cleo — that’s the reason I knew Lady Gaga’s music before we started working together.” in a video that Cleo’s fiancé shared to Instagram.

Cleo stated that her parents have always encouraged her musical endeavors in an interview with The Malibu Times.

“I’m working on selling this one and working on some more songs,” she said after the release of her first album in 2008.

“My parents are totally supportive of this. They’re just happy I don’t want to be an actor.”

Cleo is present on most main social media networks. Her Facebook account is currently followed by over 1,800 people, er Instagram account by over 5,000, while her Twitter account is either not available to the public or non-existent

She keeps her social media accounts private, her fiance, Randy Christopher Bates,  posts updates about his adventures with Cleo and her famous father.

Sometimes, Bates also posts snaps of himself with his bride-to-be, such as this cute couple pic from 2015.