Online Sleuths Cracked 15 Daily Mysteries

Discover how online sleuths solved 15 daily mysteries in this captivating exploration of internet detective work.

Online sleuths uncover hidden mysteries daily. They lurk in thrift stores or on grandma’s shelf. Are you seeking help? They swiftly crack the puzzle. Let’s delve in.

1. “A three-legged stool with a very narrow back, does it serve a specific purpose?”

Online Sleuths
© Wanderson90 / Reddit

Answer: “Milking stool.”

2. “What are these compartments for on this bottle opener?”

© merlinie / Reddit

Answer: They’re extra bottle caps so you can recap your drink.

3. “What are those vertical poles in my gothic 19th-century house stairway for?”

Online Sleuths
© epijdemic / Reddit

Answer: “To protect the corners of the wall; stuff gets chipped easily and looks worn down.”

4. “White circular hard plastic object, wife thinks it might be some knitting equipment?”

© SirTommmy / Reddit

Answer: “Two of them will hold glow sticks in a globe shape.”

5. “Cleaning out a house and came across this. The little cup at the top swings back and forth. Says it’s from Japan.”

Online Sleuths
© BarberBettie / Reddit

Answer: “It’s a bridal cup.”

6. “What is this small metal rod with a wavy arm that opens?”

© Vasir07 / Reddit

Answer: “It’s a spring money clip.”

7. “What is this lovely stylized spoon made for?”

Online Sleuths
© normalityrelief / Reddit

Answer: “It is a cheese scoop.”

8. “Any idea why this ceramic bowl has a slot?”

© tipstripes/Reddit


Answer: It looks like an egg separator.

9. “What is this sculpted ceramic dish used for? Those are small holes in the lemons.”

Online Sleuths
© Emmyvv / Reddit

Answer: “It’s for serving lemon wedges.”

10. “I found this small kettle years ago. Tried searching for a similar one, but have always come up with nothing.”

© home_cheese/Reddit

Answer: In Italy, it is called “la padella.” It is used to pee when you cannot get out of bed.

11. “Why does this mailbox have letters around it? The building was built in the early 1900s.”

Online Sleuths
© LFA91/Reddit

Answer: It used to be a combination lock. Now retrofitted with a key lock.

12. “Found at a bar. Very heavy, assuming the black handles push it.”

© phillips47/Reddit

Answer: Linoleum roller.

13. “Antique wooden press or clamp for some purpose?”

Online Sleuths
© Henrythewound/Reddit

Answer: It’s a beekeeping foundation fastener.

14. “Signage is found on a streetlight in the Netherlands.”

© RiverFoxstar/reddit

Answer: It indicates the location of the pipes underneath the street.

15. “Why does the cake I cooked turn out like this?”

Online Sleuths
© Med_bne / Reddit

Answer: “Don’t use a ceramic baking dish, use glass or metal. Those fluted sides are designed for souflé, not chocolate or vanilla grain-based batters.”

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