My son may not be my husband’s.

My husband and I had been under a lot of pressure because his boss was making him work longer hours and I was struggling at home with our first child. Since he was busy all the time I asked one of my (male) friends to help me put together my desk. Afterwards we were sitting on the couch having a drink and he started giving me a foot massage. After a while he started moving up my leg and… I don’t know.. we just… we would up with us having sex. I had been feeling really unloved and alone and he made me feel sexy. It was a huge mistake and I regretted it immediately.
We had been married for 3 years at the time and we had a baby girl together and I was terrified of what would happen if I told him, so I kept it to myself. I immediately stopped talking to the guy that I had sex with and I’ve only really talked to him one time since. Several weeks after it happened I started getting morning sickness and my husband recognized it and bought me a pregnancy test. He made me take the test with him and after we found out that I was pregnant there was essentially no going back. Our son is 13 now and I’m still not sure if he’s my husband’s (biologically). I’ve never had him DNA tested to check and never will because I don’t want to know and I’m not sure if I could deal with it if I did. When I looked at him yesterday he looked a like the other guy and that’s why I’m feeling guil right now but sometimes he looks exactly like my husband as well so I’m honestly not sure. My
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