My Husband Invited Me to a Restaurant Then Demanded I Pay for Both of Us at the End of Our Meal

In a Reddit post seeking advice, a woman recounted a disagreement with her husband over finances. Despite agreeing to split expenses equally, they found themselves at odds due to their differing spending habits. While the wife was careful with budgeting and planning for the future, the husband tended to spend impulsively without considering their financial commitments.

The wife suggested opening a joint account to manage their finances together, but the husband saw it as unnecessary, viewing his own income as sufficient. This led to further tension as he continued to spend lavishly without consulting his wife, straining their financial stability.During a dinner outing, assuming they would each cover their own expenses as agreed, the wife was taken aback when her husband expected her to foot the bill for his extravagant meal. When she insisted on separate checks, he expressed surprise and frustration, claiming he had already spent all his money.After the incident, the husband refused to attend therapy unless the wife paid, further exacerbating their marital discord. Despite criticism from her husband and doubts about her actions, the wife stood firm, seeking support from the Reddit community.In response, Redditors empathized with the wife’s predicament, recognizing early warning signs in the husband’s behavior and urging the couple to address their financial differences before they escalate further.