My 7-month pregnant wife and I were in a massive line at the grocery

My jaw dropped when she smiled and whispered, “Because I have a sixth sense for justice.”

As we watched from afar, the scene unfolded dramatically. The guards confronted the rude man, revealing that he had attempted to steal several expensive items by hiding them under his jacket. Shocked murmurs rippled through the store as customers observed the unfolding drama.

The man protested vehemently, but the evidence was undeniable. Security footage captured his every move, and the stolen items were swiftly recovered from his person. As the guards escorted him away, his arrogance crumbled into shame.

My wife squeezed my hand gently, her eyes twinkling with satisfaction. “Karma has a way of finding its targets,” she remarked, her intuition once again proving true.

The commotion caused by the man’s attempted theft had delayed our exit from the store, but in that moment, it seemed a small price to pay for witnessing poetic justice in action. With a grateful smile, I wrapped my arm around my wife, feeling lucky to have her as my partner, both in life and in unexpected grocery store dramas.