Mother welcomes her first child at the age of 66: This is what their life looks like today

Woman becomes a mother at 66 – But better sit before you see her daughter now.

Nowadays, many people are quick to judge others. It will take a while before we can stop judging others for their lifestyle choices.

Adriana Iliescu, a woman from Romania, gained a lot of attention in her country for becoming a mother at the age of 66. Some people thought she was being selfish and shouldn’t have had a baby at such an old age. However, she was extremely happy and grateful to finally have a precious little one in her life.

Baby Eliza was born in 2005, and the news of her birth spread worldwide.

Eliza’s mother chose to share with her daughter all the hardships she faced due to hurtful comments from others when Eliza was just five years old in 2010.

The mirror may not be kind to women, but when it comes to my energy, I feel youthful. I feel like I’m 27, and on tired days, I feel like I’m 37. I am healthier than women who are much younger than me, she shared with Daily Mail.

People believe they are amusing when they refer to me as granny, but I didn’t have Eliza to make me appear more youthful. I always feel ageless.

In an interview with a British tabloid, 71-year-old Adriana mentioned that she was considering having another child since it was still medically feasible for her to give birth.

She mentioned that it is medically possible. There are trials happening with a 70-year-old woman in England, so it might be achievable. She feels good and healthy and believes having another child in the future is possible, but she is not in a hurry right now.

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Adriana is a great mother and Eliza loves her to the moon and back. Although many call her granny, Eliza doesn’t bother her mother is older than her friends’ mothers.

Adriana mentions that she doesn’t smoke or drink. She believes that if she lives as long as her parents did, Eliza will be 20 when she passes away. Adriana feels she still has much to offer her daughter.

Adriana was married and became pregnant when she was young. Unfortunately, she lost the baby and her husband abandoned her. Following this, she dedicated all her time to her career as a professor at a university in Bucharest.

She explained that she couldn’t consider having a child while she was working. However, once she finished her doctorate at the age of 37, she felt prepared to start a family. Unfortunately, IVF was not available at that time.

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Despite facing criticism from her family and friends for wanting to become a mother, she remained determined. After meeting Dr. Bogdan Marinescu, her dream of having a child came true with the birth of triplets. Tragically, two of the babies did not survive, leaving Eliza as the sole survivor. Born prematurely, she spent time in the hospital but eventually grew up to be a healthy 17-year-old young woman.

Eliza is following into her mother’s academic footsteps and is an excellent student.

When Eliza was young, Adriana desired to baptize her. However, the nuns viewed her with disdain and one even claimed that the girl was “born of evil.” Adriana, on the contrary, believes that her daughter is a divine blessing.

Adriana, 83, still teaches part-time and writes books for kids.

Adriana agreed with the doctor who did her IVF that if she dies, he will take care of the girl.

We pray that this courageous mother will have many more years ahead of her and witness her daughter’s college graduation. We send our best wishes to both of them.

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