Meet Megan and Morgan, the “Trueblue Twins” who are an internet sensation

A few years back, Deyonte Hunter, a Camden musician and tattoo artist who enjoys popularity on Instagram, shared a photo of two incredibly cute twins, and that’s how the whole world learned of the “Trueblue Twins” Megan and Morgan.

If you wonder what is so special about these two twins who are now child fashion models in the making, just take a look at their appearance and you’ll understand why they are dubbed the cutest twins ever. Being African-American and having enchantingly bright blue eyes makes M&M an internet sensation.

In fact, Megan has two blue eyes, while Morgan has one blue eye and one dark brown eye!

The different eye color is due to a condition known as heterochromia. The good thing is that it doesn’t affect Morgan in any way, just makes her special. Doctors examined her and said her vision is perfectly fine. The girls inherited the bright blue eye color from their mom and their grandpa, as well as their uncle who shares Morgan’s condition.

According to their mom, who dresses them in matching clothes, she knew her girls would be special the moment she welcomed them into the world on June 6, 2011. She always makes sure they are perfectly dressed and posts photos of them on the social media. Today, they have contracts with different brands and dress like the kids of A-list celebrities, with the difference that they don’t have personal stylists but mom takes care of everything instead.

They were part of a fashion show in Jacksonville, NC and have been scouted by celebrities like Yandy Smith, the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ reality star, Ray Ray, the band member of Mindless Behavior and Wendy Williams.

However, the family is taking things slowly, and for now, the girls are only getting free clothes from famous brands, and don’t get paid as their mom doesn’t want to push her girls into something they may not want to do. But in case they do decide to pursue professional careers as models, they will be very successful as the whole world loves them and is enchanted by their beauty.

The Trueblue Twins’ dad, Lovell Knight, says he sometimes gets scared of all the attention his girls are getting and isn’t that crazy about their ‘celebrity’ status. He is aware that their popularity can affect their lives as he believes the kids should have a normal childhood.

Despite sharing their popularity together, Megan and Morgan are completely different in character, and that makes them unique in every sense of the word.