Man Plans Wedding To Ragdoll – Already Raising 5 Kids With Her

Many people talk about how lonely it can still be in this day and age, when our phones and the internet keep us in touch with each other all the time. In the same way, this young man seemed to want to stop being alone, so he did something about it.

Read on to learn what this young man did…

Someone is planning the wedding of his dreams, but the woman he chose as the bride might surprise you. Cristian Montenegro, who is from Columbia, posts videos on TikTok about his life with his partner Natalia and their kids. One thing is wrong, though: his partner is a ragdoll.

His TikTok name is @montbk5959. He talked about his first date with his ragdoll girlfriend in a video and said he wants to marry her soon.

A lot of people watched the video and asked questions, but like all internet trends, it died down.

Soon after, though, Cristian was in the news again—this time because he told everyone that his girlfriend had given birth to their child together.

His words made it clear that this was their third kid together. He talked about other parts of their relationship as well, like how he had introduced Natalia to his family.

To make it look like they are a regular couple, he posts videos of himself shopping and walking with Natalia.


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His fans hear that the couple already has a son and a daughter together and has chosen the name Sammy for their new baby.

You can also find videos of him uploading videos of his ragdoll kids doing regular kid things like homework or watching TV.

He even sent Natalia a video of her giving birth to their third child. Another doll in a doctor’s coat seems to be taking care of Natalia while she lies on a bed in a hospital gown.

They also have kids. ???? This guy made a family with his doll, and things are great for them.

He even showed tears in his eyes when he saw Natalia “in labor.” Right after the baby was born, the proud father of the ragdoll child shared a picture of himself with him.

There are people who worry about his health and people who say mean things about that way of life. “If it weren’t for the dolls, I would be more alone than anyone. At least I have something.”

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