Kate Middleton’s secret changes to Diana’s engagement ring revealed

Princess Diana’s death caused mourning throughout the world. Despite the fact that she was adored by countless numbers of people, Prince William and Prince

Harry were the ones who suffered the most. Their hearts broke into a million pieces as their world shifted on its axis.

The brothers reportedly had the option of selecting just one item from their mother’s jewelry collection to keep.

Harry picked her renowned engagement diamond, while William went with her Cartier watch.

However, Harry thought William should ask Kate Middleton to marry him using their mother’s ring, so he offered it to his older brother. It was a very heartfelt act.

Kate reportedly adjusted the diamond ring after William proposed to her since Garrard’s original design was a little too large. However, this modification was made by jeweler G. Collins and Sons, who decreased the band’s diameter by inserting tiny platinum beads inside of it.

The best thing about this covert modification is that it is simple to undo.

“It would be easier to think that by adding extra platinum, or by working on something, we increase or decrease its value, however….this item of jewellery is truly unique in the fact that its provenance has increased its true value considerably, and so these minor alterations won’t truly affect the price in any way,” explained diamond expert Anthony French at Austen & Blake.

“Especially with the small cosmetic change being something that can also be removed, and the ring put back to its ‘original’ state if need be,” he added.

According to legend, Princess Diana picked out this specific ring for her own engagement since the diamond’s color matched her eyes and it reminded her of her mother.

On November 16, 2010, at the couple’s official engagement announcement at St. James’ Palace, Kate was first seen donning the stunning ring.

Not just the Duchess of Cambridge has changed the design of her engagement ring.

By switching out the gold band for a delicate diamond-studded band, Meghan Markle did the same. The diamonds used to make the ring were also a part of Princess Diana’s jewelry collection.

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