John Travolta Pulls His Best “Saturday Night Fever” Moves For Dance Video With Daughter.

Online videos are widely loved and appeal to people of all ages. It’s common to come across videos of daughters dancing with their fathers, which are often the most entertaining to watch.

Some fathers are expected to participate in certain activities, and John Travolta is definitely one of them. Since his appearance in Saturday Night Fever in 1977, he has been recognized for his dancing skills.

John Travolta’s journey was just beginning. Although he had already appeared on the TV show, Welcome Back Kotter, he was now entering the realm of superstardom. Despite his newfound fame, he took the time to share a video of himself dancing with his daughter.

While dancing with Ella in the video, John and Ella both look very happy. Ella is a great dancer, but John proves he still has some moves despite his age.