Jada Smith was heartbroken by a request from her son.

Being a parent is difficult, particularly if you are in the spotlight since what you do might affect the child and influence how he develops his personality.

Jada and Will Smith definitely understand what I’m referring to. Even if some people, including Jada’s mother, don’t agree with how they raised the children, the two of them raised Jaden and Willow.

The Smith family has had a number of difficulties over the years, including a tragic declaration made by one of their sons.

Even though it might seem easy, having famous parents can be difficult since you might be treated quite differently by other people and it might be difficult to establish your own personality and find your genuine self.

In a 2018 interview, Jaden confirmed all of these facts; thankfully, he was able to find himself at the skate park.

Will Smith stated that despite the pressure and constant public scrutiny his son Jaden endures, the young man always displays a feeling of courage.

Jaden expressed a desire to leave the house and be independent of his parents when he was 15 years old, according to Jada. The parents were devastated by the news, but they ultimately agreed that Jaden could move out on his own and be responsible for his own choices.

While Adrienne, Jada’s mother, said that she had never backed the decision, Jada claimed that she trusted her son and that Jaden was prepared to leave the house.

Jada explained that the more she allows her kid make decisions for himself, the stronger their connection would be, because every child needs something different to be happy. Jaden finally changed his mind, but his parents continued to give him the freedom he needed.

Jaden took the decision to go vegan as well, but his parents had to intervene since Jaden wasn’t eating properly, seriously harming his health.

Jaden soon realized that his life was in danger and made the decision to become a vegetarian. Jaden also said that he ate carelessly, often only having one meal a day, and that he was ignorant of the harm his unhealthful eating habits were causing him.

In 2017, Jaden moved from his parents’ house to his own residence in Hidden Hills. He has a close relationship with them and respects his parents, whose house is only five minutes away from his.