I installed a camera in the livingroom and caught my husband making out with the babysitter.

I have been having suspecions for almost 4 months since I hired this (17 year old) babysitter for my 3 year old daughter. I’m a nurse working full time while he works three nights a week and comes home to sleep during the day.

I felt I was going crazy because something was off and he refused to ease my mind and answer questions I had – so I put a camera in the living room and saw nothing til day 4 where he and the babysitter were making out on the couch behind my daughter’s back while she was watching tv. I felt like my entire world came crashing to the ground. I felt all kinds of negative feelings including guilt even though I just wanted to keep my job when he complained about me pushing him to the side.

He started crying when confronted, tried to get me to listen but I took my daughter and went to stay with mom. It’s been a whole month now. The babysitter is gone and he’s still crying about his slip up, even went as far as say the babysitter was the one initiating. I feel like I’m done with him after this. He managed to make me feel guilty for not dressing up or giving him enough attention now I do strongly believe I bear part of the blame in what happened. I feel disguested and my mind and heart keep racing not knowing how to deal with all of this. he’s begging for a second chance and his family are defending him against me.

I forgot to mention our ages: I’m 31 and he’s 34.