How big are the world’s breasts? Fetish model with 102ZZZ bazoombas that hurt your back

How big are the world’s breasts? Fetish model with 102ZZZ bazoombas that hurt your back

Anne Hawkins-Turner, known by the stage name Norma Stitz, holds the record for the largest breasts in history, measuring an astonishing 102ZZZ. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1956, she gained international fame as a fetish model, thanks to the support of her late husband, Allen Turner, who encouraged her to share images of her unique physique on a dedicated website.

Annie suffers from gigantomastia, a rare condition causing excessive growth of breast tissue. Her breasts weigh an incredible nine stone, with their growth starting at the age of five, reaching a size of 36D by the age of nine. Despite having two children, Annie faced challenges breastfeeding due to her unusual condition. Despite the option of surgery to reduce her breast size, she opted against it, citing her well-developed back muscles that accommodated her massive frame.

Recognized in the Guinness World Records, Annie’s enormous breasts garnered her millions of fans and an impressive annual income of £40,000. Her estimated net worth of £5.5 million reflects her success as a model.

However, fame has brought its share of challenges for Annie. Dealing with daily taunts and scrutiny, she openly discusses the hardships she and her son face. She candidly acknowledges the emotional toll of constant attention and comments, especially recalling childhood bullying due to her large breasts.

Annie remains a trailblazer, challenging conventional beauty standards and societal norms despite the difficulties. Her story serves as a powerful testament to resilience in the face of adversity, highlighting the complex issues individuals encounter when navigating both physical conditions and public recognition.