He became unrecognizable at 73. He only gets around in a wheelchair

Phil Collins turned 73 on January 30th. It seems that illness has greatly affected him, causing significant changes in his appearance. He now relies on a cane to walk and uses a wheelchair for mobility.

The artist, who has brought us joy with his music for years, has been affected by his health problems and the scandal involving his ex-wife Orianne Cevey. These challenges have had an impact on his appearance, both on his face and body. Despite this, many of us still find ourselves humming his melodies.

His former spouse Orianne Cevey had a relationship with a man who was also involved with his ex-wife. The British singer, now in his seventies, seems to be deeply affected by sickness, and the ongoing dispute with his ex-wife has only added to his pain.

Phil Collins has been facing health problems and underwent surgeries on his spine. He can no longer sit upright and his hair has turned white.

Phil Collins and his ex-wife, Orianne Cevey, are at the center of a scandal. They got divorced in 2008, then remarried eight years later. However, things took a turn last year when rumors surfaced that Orianne had wed someone else in Las Vegas.

Collins was informed by her that she was going to Vegas for work, in order to hide her secret love affair. As soon as the artistic individual discovered the truth, he promptly evicted his wife from their luxurious $40 million house and altered all the entry codes.

Orianne warned him about exposing embarrassing secrets from their marriage, but the artist remained firm and they both started to criticize each other.

The musician’s health problems in recent years have made the impact even greater for him. In 2018, he had an accident during a performance that led to the cancellation of his tour. Currently, he relies on a cane or wheelchair for mobility and is unable to walk or stand on his own.

Orianne and Phil Collins met for the first time in Switzerland in 1994 when Orianne was just 21 years old. They tied the knot in 1999 but unfortunately divorced after nine years. In 2015, Collins generously funded Orianne’s spinal surgery, which saved her life. The next year, they reconciled and got back together.

Phil Collins was previously married to Andrea Bertorelli from 1975 to 1980 and then from 1984 to 1996 before marrying Jill Tavelman. He was born in London, United Kingdom, on January 30th, 1951. Throughout his career, he has been a part of bands like Genesis, Band X (1976–1979), Band Aid (1984–1984), Flaming Youth, and The Phil Collins Big Band (1996-1999).