Goldie Hawn shows her natural look walking makeup free in broad daylight

At 77, Goldie Hawn is aging in reverse thanks to her no-fuss beauty routine. I had no clue – but her trick is one we should all consider…

Most of us feel less confident about our own looks when we see how perfect celebrities appear all the time. However, we should remember that they have stylists and makeup artists who help them. Sometimes, when we come across paparazzi photos revealing their “real” faces, we understand that it’s all for the public eye.

Many well-known individuals choose to go without makeup to show they are just regular people like us, not just glamorous celebrities. Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, and Jennifer Aniston are some of the stars who have shared makeup-free selfies.


Goldie Hawn, however, thinks that it’s difficult to challenge Hollywood standards. The 75-year-old actress believes that trying to prove your sex appeal in Hollywood at 45 is unrealistic. She doesn’t get angry or militant about it, as she believes anger is not productive.

Throughout the years, Hawn has maintained her title as America’s sweetheart. With her long career in film, her iconic blonde hair and natural beauty have solidified her as a beloved figure in entertainment.

Hawn, a grandmother of six, graced the cover of People Magazine’s “Beautiful Issue” and many people agree that she looks as gorgeous as always.


When it comes to her appearance, she mentions that she grew to love herself through her experiences in various films. She acknowledges that not everyone will find her attractive, stating, “Some may find you beautiful, while others may not. People have different opinions, so you need to develop a thick skin – and to do that, you must discover and embrace your true self. That’s how I discovered my inner beauty.”

She recently gained attention when a candid photo taken by the paparazzi revealed her bare face in natural light. Many commented on her unrecognizable appearance, while some admired her carefree demeanor.

Hawn emphasizes the importance of proper skincare. Sleep is crucial, along with consuming healthy oils, exfoliating to maintain soft skin, and applying sunscreen daily. Additionally, she ensures her face absorbs the creams by massaging them thoroughly.

Hawn shared her beauty secret, saying that while there are many creams available, she prefers to consume olive oil. She explained that our skin becomes drier as we age, so she consumes two tablespoons of olive oil before bedtime and massages it onto her face.

So, according to what she told Pop Sugar, her secret is in applying two tablespoons of olive oil on the face before going to bed and massaging it.

In an interview with BE Ageless, Hawn said, “I don’t know if I’d call it beauty, or more just ‘taking care of.’ I wash my face every night and I massage it for about three minutes and then I put creams on my face and I go to sleep. And then I wake up in the morning and do the same thing!”

She added, “In the morning, I apply a bit of sunscreen if I remember, and the rest is simply about staying hydrated, consuming oil-based foods or oils, and smiling often.”


I believe Hawn is amazing just the way she is. She enjoys a wonderful life, a successful career, and a partner who loves her completely. Hawn and Kurt Russel have been together for nearly forty years without getting married, and she believes that’s the key to a lasting relationship.

They acted in a few movies together, like the funny love story “Overboard”. Lately, they appeared in “The Christmas Chronicles” as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

Goldie Hawn is truly beautiful, whether she wears makeup or not. She’s just lovable!

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