Couple Wanted to Have a Baby for 6 Years Yet When the Woman Got Pregnant the Man Ran Away

After six years of trying to have a baby, a 26-year-old woman finally became pregnant. Feeling excited, she broke the news to her boyfriend on his 30th birthday but was speechless after his unexpected reaction.

According to the woman, she started dating her boyfriend ten years ago, and both were looking forward to having a baby.

Her Reddit post captured the attention from the internet users who united against her boyfriend. They posted their suspicions in the comments, and the woman updated other Redditors a month later, revealing what happened after she confronted him.

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OP (Original Poster) had been feeling unwell for a couple of days but work in her office made her fail to find the time to visit her doctor. She finally took the doctor’s appointment on the morning of her boyfriend’s birthday.

With her boyfriend’s birthday party on her mind, the woman reached the doctor’s clinic on time. After the doctor checked her vitals and asked a few questions, she was told she was pregnant.

She had been trying for a baby for the past six years, so she was ecstatic after hearing the good news.

She thought it would make the perfect present for her boyfriend, so she decided to keep it to herself until she reached home.

A few guests had already arrived when she reached home after the doctor’s appointment. She scanned the room and found her boyfriend chatting with his friend in the corner.

She quickly walked across the room and asked him if they could talk in private. He ignored her, so she tugged his sleeve, signaling she had something important to say.

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OP’s boyfriend asked her to wait for five minutes until he finished talking to his friend. But since OP was excited to tell him about the pregnancy, she couldn’t wait and announced it in front of everyone.

She recalled what happened next, “He got extremely mad and started yelling in my face about how I was trying to ruin his day and that today was supposed to be about him and not me.”

His reaction made no sense to OP.

She expected him to be as excited as she was, but it seemed like he had other things going on in his mind. He told the guests to leave and messaged everyone else not to come to the party.

The woman took to Reddit to share her story after her boyfriend stormed out of the house and didn’t return. When she discussed the incident with her mother, she told her she could have waited to break the news after his birthday. Meanwhile, after reading OP’s post,a Redditorwarned, “[H]is reaction was the wrong one. Run. Huge red flag.”

A month later, the woman wrote another Reddit post to update her readers. She revealed that her boyfriend returned home ten days after the incident.

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When she sat him down and talked to him about their relationship, she discovered he had been finding a way to end their relationship for a while. He was interested in another woman and wanted to break up.

His confession made the OP shocked, and what was even more shocking was that her boyfriend was ready to pay her any amount if she agreed to ab0rt their child. She recalled, “I declined. I told him that I did not care if he didnt want to be apart of my child’s life but that I was not going to get rid of my baby.”

After he heard her response, she was given two weeks to pack her belongings and find another place to live. Lucky for her, a co-worker in another state was looking for a roommate, so she moved in with her.

Many Redditors flooded the comments section with questions after reading the update.

One asked OP if her boyfriend would pay child support, to which she replied, “He says he is going to sign away his parental rights when the baby is born and is a massive idiot so he doesn’t realize that he will still have to pay child support once i get all my paperwork together and file.”

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In addition, OP shared that her boyfriend didn’t want to get married because he didn’t believe “marriage was something people need to do to prove their love.” She revealed that he stopped her from attending college because it was a few hours away from their house.

The woman also confessed that the incident made her realize she needed to stand up for herself instead of being a “doormat” for others to walk on, but her realization didn’t sit well with the people around her. She explained, “Some people in my life have said that i’ve changed from the “sweet innocent” person they knew before this whole stupid thing happened.”

Most Redditors sympathized with OP and believed her boyfriend was at fault. They thought he didn’t have to pretend that he wanted to have a child with her.