After playing in the bushes she came out with what looked like leaves stuck on her face

We went out to the nearby park and my daughter Alison went playing in the bushes with her friend. I heard loads of laughing and rustling, moments later they came out from the bushes and Alison had some leaves stuck to her face and she was laughing. Upon closer inspection we discovered it was something completely different. It was a leaf insect that looks exactly like l leaf.

We held a leaf insect that actually mimicked a bug-eaten decaying leaf blowing in the wind. Not only was it a great chance to learn about the life of these amazing creatures but also an opportunity to show my daughter where in the world they come from, discuss biodiversity and to talk to her about the important role they play. And when you conserve these places, not only do you save the insects but also larger animals that live in the rainforest. 

The children were so excited and have a better understanding of the precious wildlife on earth and that is the true mission. Please Share this with your friends and family on FB.