According to Simon, this 21-year-old Irish plumber has the best voice he has ever heard

Brendan Murray recently graced the stage of The X Factor UK, aiming to secure one of the coveted six chairs in the show’s challenging “six chair challenge.”

As he stepped onto the platform, Murray shared with the judges his lifelong dream of pursuing music and his unwavering passion for it.

With encouraging words from the panel, he turned to face the other contestants already seated on stage. Then, he launched into a heartfelt rendition of “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.

His performance left everyone, including the judges, in awe. The other contestants were visibly impressed, engaging in discussions about his remarkable talent.

When Murray reached the song’s soaring high notes, it became evident that his competitors realized their time on stage might be limited.

Murray’s delivery was filled with such raw emotion that it resonated deeply with both the audience and the song’s intended sentiments.

Upon concluding his performance, Murray received a well-deserved standing ovation from both the audience and the judges. Overwhelmed with emotion, he sank to the stage floor, visibly moved.

Simon Cowell acknowledged Murray’s exceptional talent, noting that he belonged in a league of his own among the contestants.

Another judge approached Murray, expressing a desire to have a conversation with him before confidently advancing him to the next round.

Murray’s elation was palpable, and anticipation grew among both the judges and the audience to witness more of his extraordinary talent in the upcoming rounds of the competition.

Here is the video: