A Woman with a Large Facial Birthmark Reveals What It’s Like When People Are Always Staring at You

Amidst a society often obsessed with flawless standards and uniformity, Becca Lee Brewer shines as an exemplar of authenticity and self-acceptance. From birth, she’s borne a striking birthmark spanning a significant part of her face, yet Becca’s journey through life’s trials has been marked by resilience and dignity, serving as an inspiration to many.

Becca was born with Blue Nevus on her face.

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A blue nevus is a benign, pigmented skin lesion, often appearing as a blue or blue-black spot or bump on the skin. Usually harmless, most blue nevi don’t necessitate treatment unless they cause symptoms or cosmetic concerns.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to monitor them for any alterations and promptly seek medical advice if any concerns arise.

From a young age, she encountered challenges.

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Becca’s journey commenced in South Korea, where she was born before being adopted at the tender age of eight months. Throughout her early years, she underwent a series of laser treatments aimed at minimizing the visibility of her birthmark. This process was repeated numerous times until she reached her twelfth birthday.

Reflecting on her teen years, Becca remembers the profound impact her birthmark had on her sense of self. The relentless pursuit of blending in beauty standards often proved exhausting. She mentioned in an interview that she hated her birthmark and was extremely shy and introverted because of it. The stares and whispers of other children served as a constant reminder of her perceived differences.

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The aftermath of the laser treatments exacerbated her struggles, leaving behind dark purple spots. Instead of serving as a tool for self-reflection, the mirror became a source of sadness for Becca. She grappled with the weight of feeling different and out of place in a world that frequently extols conformity.

Discovering makeup was a turning point for her.

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Discovering makeup at the age of 12 proved to be a turning point for Becca. In her quest to conceal her birthmark, she stumbled upon the transformative power of cosmetics. However, traditional makeup options often fell short of her expectations, appearing thick and cakey on her skin.

Amidst the surge of beauty tutorials on platforms like YouTube, Becca found a glimmer of hope. Determined to find a better solution, she immersed herself in the world of makeup tutorials and product exploration, seeking techniques and formulations that would offer more natural coverage and superior results.

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Gorgeous, but before the make up you were beautiful. You own the most amazing smile and your beauty was acknowledged fully.


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Driven by her own experiences, Becca transformed makeup from a mere tool for hiding her spots into a vehicle for self-expression and empowerment. With a newfound sense of purpose, she embarked on a mission to share her knowledge and expertise with others, offering guidance and support to those navigating similar challenges.

Becoming a makeup artist, she advocates for self-acceptance.

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In 2017, Becca reached a significant milestone in her path to self-acceptance by courageously posting a photo on Facebook. The image displayed half of her face with makeup, while the other half remained natural. Becca’s choice to reveal her vulnerability to the world was met with an overwhelming wave of love and support from friends and family.

Transforming her newfound self-love into a career as a makeup artist, Becca acknowledges the complexities of navigating social media in the beauty industry. While platforms like Instagram and YouTube offer opportunities for creativity and self-expression, they also perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards and ideals. Becca often sees clients whose expectations are shaped by filtered images and edited videos, leading to a distorted perception of beauty and self-image.

Recognizing the harmful effects of comparison culture, Becca is resolute in leveraging her platform to advocate for positivity and self-love. She stresses the significance of discerning the content we engage with on social media and resisting the temptation of toxic comparison. For Becca, genuine beauty resides not in conformity, but in embracing one’s distinct qualities and differences.

Though she continues to face challenges, Becca is gradually learning to cope with them each day.

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Becca’s path to self-acceptance has been characterized by moments of triumph alongside setbacks, a truth she openly acknowledges. She underscores the significance of understanding that self-confidence fluctuates, and it’s entirely natural to experience moments of vulnerability.

One of Becca’s most significant struggles has been conquering the fear of judgment and societal pressures. She reflects on the difficulties of maneuvering through a world fixated on beauty norms, highlighting the importance of prioritizing self-expression over seeking external validation.

Becca is eager to emphasize that she is not defined solely by her birthmark. While her journey has undoubtedly been influenced by her distinctive features, she refuses to let them be the sole focus. Instead, she views her birthmark as a catalyst for empathy and understanding, fostering connections with others.

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As Becca continues to inspire and uplift others, her journey stands as a testament to the transformative potential of self-love and acceptance. In a society that frequently imposes narrow beauty standards, Becca Lee Brewer serves as a beacon of reminder: genuine beauty transcends limitations, and embracing our individuality is the ultimate form of empowerment.