A Clever Blonde and a Bank Loan 

Once upon a time in bustling New York City, a blonde woman confidently walked into a bank. She had a unique request – she needed a loan of $5,000. The bank officer was intrigued and asked for some form of security for the loan. To everyone’s surprise, the blonde handed over the keys to a brand new, shining Mercedes Benz SL 500.

The car was parked right outside the bank, and the blonde had all the necessary documents. The bank agreed to accept the luxury vehicle as collateral for the loan. The bank’s president and officers couldn’t help but chuckle at the absurdity of using a $110,000 Benz as collateral for a mere $5,000 loan. They found it quite amusing.

An employee of the bank took the opportunity to drive the magnificent car into the bank’s underground garage and parked it there. The blonde had gone off to Europe on her business trip, leaving her prized possession safely in the hands of the bank.

After two weeks, the blonde returned to the bank, ready to repay the $5,000 plus the interest. The loan officer couldn’t help but express his curiosity. He said, “Miss, we are delighted to have had your business, and this transaction has worked out remarkably well. However, we are a little puzzled. We discovered that you are actually a multimillionaire. So why did you bother to borrow a mere $5,000?”

The blonde smiled, displaying her wit and cunning. She replied, “Well, where else in New York City can I park my car for two weeks and only pay $15.41? And not just that, I can be certain it will still be there when I come back!”

This clever blonde had managed to outsmart the system and find an affordable parking solution in the city that never sleeps. Her resourcefulness and quick thinking made this seemingly simple loan transaction quite remarkable. It goes to show that sometimes, the most straightforward solutions can be the most brilliant.