Woman Spends $100k On Procedures To Become ‘Forest Elf’, Here’s How She Looks After The Surgeries

Mary Magdalene, a prominent figure on social media, has been causing quite a stir online. Her fame has soared, thanks to her bold journey through over $100,000 worth of extreme plastic surgeries. This 25-year-old sensation has just unveiled her latest transformations, which include her fourth nose job, aimed at achieving a ‘Barbie nose,’ and ‘cat-eye’ surgery for a unique slanted eye appearance.

Mary has been chronicling her remarkable metamorphosis on Instagram, proudly claiming that her ‘new face’ resembles a ‘forest fairy elf.’ She even candidly shared her challenges, like her top lip remaining immobile post-surgery due to swelling. She admitted, “It’s still swollen from the nose surgery, so even talking is weird.”

In an eye-catching Instagram post, Mary donned a custom T-shirt that snugly embraced her 38J breast implants, showcasing a list of her various cosmetic procedures. She excitedly teased her followers about upcoming enhancements, including an eyebrow transplant, jaw work, and lip procedures, with the promise of completing her ‘face transformation’ soon.

Mary’s persistence in pursuing her desired look is admirable, especially in the face of skepticism from surgeons who questioned the feasibility of her dream nose after three prior nose jobs. Responding to doubters, she simply stated, “Girl, bye. If you don’t know how, just say that… anywhoooo.”

What makes her journey even more intriguing is her decision to fly to Russia for these surgeries, as the United States couldn’t accommodate her extreme requests. This choice raised eyebrows, given the ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia that could have jeopardized her trip.

Mary Magdalene’s journey into plastic surgery began at the age of 21 while working as a stripper and escort. Over the years, her transformation has included a brow lift, fat transfers, multiple nose and breast augmentations, veneers, liposuction, butt injections, and three Brazilian butt lifts.

She candidly revealed her intention to appear “trashy and cheap,” embracing her unique aesthetic. Her current breast implants are an astounding 38J, with expanders in place to maintain their growth. In her words, “I can just keep growing it. I’m gonna keep growing and growing. Until I die, I don’t care. For me, there’s not an end point.”

One of the most shocking chapters of her journey was in 2018 when she nearly lost her life during a procedure to achieve ‘the world’s fattest vagina.’ She described the process as involving a contraption that inflated her nether regions. Despite the ordeal, she humorously shared that her enhanced genitalia now resembles female testicles from certain angles.

Mary’s unconventional path to fame began with a strict religious upbringing, marked by prohibitions like watching kids’ shows. However, her rebellious phase at 12 led to a life that included drug use and eventually working as a stripper. Today, she’s found success as an OnlyFans performer, going viral on Instagram and TikTok thanks to her extraordinary plastic surgeries. In addition to her online persona, Mary is a professional artist, known for her distinctive and colorful self-portraits, which she sells to her followers.

Mary Magdalene’s relentless pursuit of her unique aesthetic continues to captivate, leaving many intrigued by what’s next on her transformation journey. Only time will tell where her unapologetic path leads her.