When they took him to the emergency room, doctors and parents were amazed at what they found behind his ear.

By no means are little bugs harmless. Ticks are a type of bug that is difficult to see in the open, yet these little parasites can be quite harmful. Ticks are incredibly tiny arachnids, often measuring 3 to 5 mm in length.

They have been around for a very long time and are relatives to mites.

Ectoparasites, are also referred to as external parasites, including ticks. They consume the blood of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and sometimes humans in order to survive.

One morning when Stephanie awoke, she went to their toddler’s room and saw that there was a serious problem.

Collin, her son, is frequently animated and enthusiastic about the day. He should typically be leaping about in his room by then or playing in their yard. She quickly saw, though, that this was not an ordinary day.

Just lying in bed, Collin was gazing up at her. She made a quick call to her husband, Dillon.

Dillon and Stephanie were informed that their kid had become paralyzed overnight. They were in utter disbelief at what had happened.

Instead of attempting to visit their family doctor, the parents chose to take their child to the emergency room. They initially believed that he may have had a concussion when he unintentionally banged his head before his brother’s baseball game.

Doctors claimed he didn’t exhibit any concussion-related symptoms, though. He was still able to communicate fairly well after the incident and was not exhibiting any symptoms.

Collin underwent a number of tests, and his condition quickly deteriorated. Dillon was devastated to witness his son’s difficulties. He claimed that his only option was to breathe. Collin was immobile.

He was having a hard time eating and drinking. The doctors persisted in conducting tests to identify the problem because they were strong. When his oxygen levels started to fall, they transferred him to a larger hospital.

Stephanie and Dillon understood that every second counted and that Collin required the best medical professionals and equipment available to identify the root of his problem.

After Collin was transferred, his parents were astounded to learn from the physicians that if they had arrived 30 minutes later, young Collin would have suffered a cardiac arrest and his little body would not have been able to withstand it.

After some time, the physicians, at last, identified the problem as a little tick behind Collin’s ear.

The poor guy has been dying from this tick over time. Everyone had missed it, including his parents and the physicians. He was quickly restored to his previous state when the tick was removed right away. based on the ER physician.

Despite the prevalence of tick bites, paralysis is a very uncommon illness brought on by insect saliva.

The medical professional described how the salivary glands of the tick contain a neurotoxic. This indicates that the neurotoxic was moving into Collin’s blood as the tick was feeding, which resulted in the paralysis.

Parents should learn from Collin’s condition to be cautious about their kids’ health. Make sure they are always free from insects and other parasites, such as ticks.