War veteran receives amber alert on his phone while driving, looks up and sees vehicle right in front of him

In 1996, Amber Hagerman was abducted, which forced the U.S. Government to find ways of find children that were kidnapped or missing with assistance form the general public.

The  AMBER alert system was first introduced which stands for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. 

Messages containing information regarding the victim along with the suspect are sent via e-mail, TV stations, radio stations, and on people’s phones.

Although some people may ignore these messages, there are other who get involved and play crucial part in helping solve the case.

Steve Adams a war veteran received an alert on his phone, initially thought he wouldn’t be of any help for an abduction that took place in Knoxville, TN, as he was in Ohio at the time. However, he was vigilant while driving or walking around.

On this occasion the child who got snatched was two year old Brooklynne Enix. Her father Tyler Enix killed her mother Kimberly who was his ex-wife and fled the scene with the child.

Steve was naturally concerned for the girl’s safety, so he drove his car but a car happened to pass him and he saw a little hand waving at him.

He looked at his phone and read the message alert again realising the person driving the car looked exactly like Brooklyne’s father, and the licence plate was of Tennessee.

Steve followed the vehicle as he didn’t want to chance losing sight of the girl.

He then contacted the police giving them location updates to the 911 dispatcher, hoping the outcome would be positive.

Finally the cops were able to pull the murderer’s car and bring the girl to a safe place. Brooklynne was unharmed thanks to the kind-hearted and courageous veteran and the police were grateful for his help.

Brooklynne said Steven is her hero.

More people should be like him, who care for the well-being of the others.