Unrecognizable at 73! Health problems have physically changed the famous artist.

He is one of the most well-known and adored heavy metal musicians of all time. Unfortunately, due to a variety of health issues, his public appearances have dwindled in recent years.

The most recent diagnosis is Parkinson’s disease, which is the most ruthless. So, here’s how the 73-year-old musician looked and what he promised his followers all around the world.

The musician has always stood out in the international music scene as avant-garde and unusual.

His recognizable style, on the other hand, drew him even closer to his fans, who saw in him a true and genuine artist.

Ozzy Osbourne has had a long and successful career, and more than 50 years after his debut, he is still one of the most admired and sought-after artists.

Unfortunately for Ozzy’s fans all over the world, his health has forced him to cancel or postpone a number of tournaments and concerts in recent years.

He was recently photographed by the paparazzi in Los Angeles, and the images that were published alarmed his followers even more. Ozzy appears to be suffering from health issues, as he is visibly weakened and slumped over.

The soloist is reportedly set for a fresh neck procedure, but it has been postponed owing to concern. He is concerned that this intervention will have the same negative impact on him as it did two years ago when he said it “destroyed” him.

However, he is unconcerned about his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, which he obtained in January 2020. The artist, who is 73 years old, insists that he feels better than he seems.

“‘Is it an incurable disease?’ was my only question.” ‘No, but life is,’ the guy replied. It’s simply another problem I have to deal with. I’m not in the least bit concerned. Ozzy Osbourne said at the time, “I didn’t know anything about it except the name.”

Furthermore, the Black Sabbath soloist has stated that he would return to the road as soon as his health permits. We should remind you that Ozzy Osbourne is married to Sharon Osbourne, and the couple has three children who are all famous in their own right. Ozzy has three more children from his first marriage, which ended in 1982.