This woman offered to take a picture of a family that seemed very happy that they went for ice cream together

The world needs more people who are ready to make a beautiful gesture for someone unknown.

We can never realize that a small gesture on our part can mean something very big and important to the person next to us, so we should not shy away from offering help when we can.

Also, we will always feel better when we help someone or when we simply offer something without expecting anything in return, even if it is not about offering something material.

Joyce Rhinehart went to her nephew’s tennis training and then decided to go eat ice cream together.

After they finished the ice cream and were ready to leave, they saw another family eating ice cream together and they seemed to be feeling very well and enjoying their time.

Joyce felt a strange need to take a picture of that family, so she asked them if they are ok with that and they agreed.

Because she received the consent of that family, Joyce posted the picture on Facebook along with a nice description: “I took this picture and then I gave my phone to their daughter, I told her to send it to one of their phones.”

After a few days, Joyce received a message from a stranger, and after reading the message she was very emotional and could not believe it.

The message was from the father in the family he photographed. He told her that his wife died a few days after they went to the ice cream shop, and the picture Joyce took is their last picture together.

That’s why the man decided to thank Joyce for that picture and for her nice gesture of taking a picture of them together.

Joyce then found out that the woman had been ill for over a year, but death always takes us by surprise, so we must cherish every moment we have, especially the moments spent with loved ones.

Also, this incident shows us how much a small gesture can mean for those around us.

Joyce was shocked to find out what had happened and she was very sorry that the wonderful family she had met was going through such difficult time.

After a while she decided to make a post on social media to urge others to make nice gestures, especially if their instinct tells them so, as was the case with her.

Here is the nice message she posted: “Never underestimate a beautiful gesture you make at random, apparently out of a whim of the moment, my heart is now heavy because it is with this cute family that I don’t even know, it’s incredible that I gave them this gift that now means everything to them, just because I listened to my instinct and intuition that day. I am amazed!”