This is the amazing tale of Amanda, an animal lover who stunned everyone with a gesture.

A terrified dog was seen by a vehicle in the Evan’s Creek Mountains on a remote road. The dog grew extremely hostile and refused to allow anyone near him since he was so starving. Bear was the name given to the dog later on.

In an effort to get some assistance, the driver snapped some photos of Bear and uploaded them on social media. When Amanda learned about Bear, she put her plans on hold and made the decision to help him right away.

Despite her family’ advice not to go because it is risky, Amanda and her buddy Dylan began the search in the hope of finding the dog.

After a few hours of searching, they were able to locate the dog, but as was to be expected, Bear was quite frightened and would not allow anybody to approach him. They used food, snacks, and a variety of strange techniques to attempt to lure him, but it didn’t work. Amanda and her buddy had to return home as dusk set, but they did come back the following day.

The next day, they discovered Bear in the same location, and after a number of more futile efforts, the two came up with a new strategy to draw Bear. In order to persuade the dog to believe she needed assistance, Amanda decided to “play it dead” by lying down on the ground.

After Amanda had been immobile on the ground for a few hours, when something happened that touched the hearts of countless animal lovers all over the world.
Bear approached Amanda and smelled her for 20 minutes before approaching, assuming the woman needed assistance. The dog eventually lost interest and left, but Amanda continued.

In an apparent attempt to let Amanda know he was with her, Bear turned and sat down next to her after a short while.

After a few more hours, Amanda was able to win Bear’s confidence and convince him that he just had her best interests in mind. Bear accompanied Amanda to the car where they immediately drove to the vet.

Bear was treated and given care, and once he recovered his strength, a family opted to adopt him a short while later. The dog is no longer forced to live on the streets because he now has a loving family and a place of his own.

Bear’s attempt to help Amanda when she was on the ground reveals a lot about this great dog’s nature.

Naturally, Amanda is deserving of our utmost respect and gratitude for her attempts to rescue Bear.