This is a wish list from a foster kid in Oklahoma. We MUST ALWAYS keep the kids who miss anything in mind when we consider how horrible things are for us.

Of course, we all have days when we whine about how difficult our lives are, even if the issue that is upsetting us may not be significant enough to darken our spirits and for us to complain.

We must be grateful for what we have before we lose it since there will always be others whose lives are harder than ours.

Unfortunately, the news reports about the difficult lives of so many children have are the saddest thing we can watch. A letter of a child who managed to touch everyone’s hearts was posted on Facebook by the group “Dreamcatchers for Abused Children.”

This group works to assist kids whose families have harmed them in various ways.

Unfortunately, there are children who are abused by their parents all over the world. This organization seeks to save these kids from their households and place them in a center where they may receive the love, care, and attention they require.

This is the story of an Oklahoma boy who suffered maltreatment at the hands of his biological parents. The kid endured years of beatings and hunger deprivation. His parents were heavy drinkers and didn’t give a damn about what happened to their son.

Unfortunately, this guy never experienced what it was like to have a happy childhood and to be loved and cared for by his family.

The kid was removed by the authorities and brought to the group “Dreamcatchers for Abused Children” after neighbors reported the parents to the police. The agency swiftly located him an adoptive family, ensuring that the boy would finally enjoy a normal childhood and be happy.

He sent a message to his future parents after learning that he will have a new family. The boy listed his wishes for his new family in the message.

Here is the note:

“Things I want in my family.

I want food and water

I want you to never hit me.

I want our house to have running water and lights.

I want love.

Mom and dad will never fight.

No drugs in our home.

Don’t kill my pets.

Help with school and homework.

Nice clean clothes.

No lice. No bug in house.

Clean house.

Clean bed with covers.

Don’t sell my toys.

I want to be treated fairly.

Mom and dad should never get drunk.

I hope for a TV in the house.

Let me keep my school stuff.

Nice shoes.

My own comb soap. Nice house and safe and heater coat.

A toothbrush. ”

When we witness situations like these that other people and kids go through, we should be appreciative of what we have.

Additionally, we should be aware that we have the power to influence others, and we need to take each and every opportunity to help. A seemingly insignificant action on our part might have a profound impact on the person sitting next to us.