The woman put the rice in the closet

Every housewife in the world has the same wish: they always want their clothes to smell fresh. For this reason, people spend a lot of money on cleaning materials while having access to less expensive alternatives. Keeping a bag of rice in the closet is a less popular way to keep the scent of the clothing intact.

Your clothes will continue to smell fresh since the rice will absorb any unpleasant odors in the closet. Consider this excellent suggestion if you don’t have time to wash your clothes as frequently as you’d like.

Many women’s lives revolve heavily around their wardrobes, yet it can take time to discover something you genuinely like. I never run out of new things to buy, even when I buy a lot of clothes.

This may result in a closet that is overstuffed with clothes. This causes organizational issues and can also smell pretty bad if the garments haven’t been washed in a while. The clothing must be cleaned one more to resolve this problem.

Anyone can use a more practical alternative to this activity without making additional purchases. This simple process doesn’t take a lot of time or effort.

A fabric bag that can carry six drops of lavender oil and 100 grams of rice is needed. The lavender oil will help to keep the rice fresh, and the rice will help to keep the lavender oil fresh.

After being cleaned, rice is placed in a bowl and covered with scented oil. A spoon combines the oil and rice, giving them some time to rest. After that, the rice and oil mixture is placed in a bag, and the user is free to utilize it in any way they see fit.

The bag is then hung on a shelf or positioned in a closet next to clothing. The rice will give the garments a pleasant aroma while absorbing moisture to prevent mold from forming.

In addition to eliminating the odor of mold, lavender also removes the smell of moisture, which is associated with clothing that wasn’t immediately removed from the washing machine or placed on the shelves while still wet.

Any unwanted odors can be eliminated by filling a pot with boiling water and lavender flowers. You can dry your clothing by slipping them through the mixture after the boiling water helps absorb the flowers’ aroma.

As you can see, plenty of small life hacks can improve your life and eliminate some problems from daily life. What do you think about this rice bag hack? Let us know in the comments, and please share this article with your loved ones.