The Santa Story

“I whispered to Santa:

‘He is blind and autistic and is very interested in Santa.’

He said:

‘Say no more’ and immediately got down on the floor to greet my little man.”

Talk about a great story to begin your morning.

Misty Wolf posted this about the person she calls:

“The Best Santa ever.”

Here’s what she wrote:

Santa talked to Matthew for a long time.

Let him feel all over him.

Told him to pull his beard, feel his hat and talked about his red suit.

He asked Matthew if he wanted to feel anything and Matthew said:

“Your eyes that twinkle” (from the poem ‘twas the night before Christmas).

So Santa let him touch all over his eyes for as long as Matthew wanted.

Then Santa said have you ever felt a real reindeer.

Santa then carried him over to the display area.

And had Matthew pet the taxidermy reindeer they had set up.

It was great.

My heart was full seeing Matthew so interested.

—Misty Wolf

Misty is right.

This is the “Best Santa ever.”

I don’t know what it is about the first picture.

But the look in Santa’s eyes says it all.

I keep staring at the picture.

And thinking that he just looks like such a nice and caring man.