The husband secretly constructed a shed in the yard and refused to let anyone in!

All of Charles Evans’ (82-year-old) pals call him LaLa. He claims that he can still clearly recall his first glance at Louise, his future wife.

It was clearly love at first sight, he adds with a smile. LaLa was, therefore, deeply saddened by Louise’s passing; yet, he channeled that grief into creating a monument outside the yard where he and his wife had spent their blissful 59 years together.

The walls of the shed are covered with hundreds, maybe thousands, of photographs that LaLa and his family have taken over the years, filling it with memories. LaLa admits:

“We even discussed creating a museum before she passed away in order to house all of these photographs. Even though I didn’t have the time, I insisted on doing it because the concept had persisted in my mind. I promised myself a few months after she passed away that I would make the dream we shared a reality.”

LaLa was the one who taught his wife how to dance, and ever since, this activity has characterized their relationship. The two are seen dancing on the walls of the lovely museum.

The photograph shot during their final dance, which he puts right at the entryway, is also said to be the man’s favorite memory. “Only now do I realize how much beauty there has been in our life,” LaLa admits.

I realize afterward, “WOW, I LIVED!” I’ll dance with anyone who wants to come to our museum. “

Here is a video that provides a closer look at this museum that honors life, love, and beauty: