Ted Danson made it his 75th birthday because of his ‘lifesaver’ wife, who changed his life

Ted Danson is a legendary actor with many iconic acting credits to his name. He plays charming characters on screen. But in his personal life, he battles illness with his head held high and with the help of his loving wife.

Let’s take a look into Ted Danson’s life and how he saved himself from ruin…

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Weather you know Ted Danson for his roles in “Cheers,” or “Three Men and a Baby,” or more recently from the “The Good Place,” we can all agree that he is a brilliant actor!

The actor who just recently turned 75 years old has been in love with his wife Mary Steenburgen for many, many years. The couple married over 22 years ago but love each other like they are newlyweds.

“I’m madly in love with Mary Steenburgen. She’s a remarkable human being, so I’m just incredibly blessed,” Danson said.


Even though they have been together for two decades, Danson still gushes about his wife. “It feels like heaven on Earth. If I were to die, I can say, I know what it’s like to be loved and to love,” he once said.

When they got together, in 1995, Steenburgen introduced Danson to the practice of transcendental meditation. In the following years Danson said it saved his life, saying, “Life gets more complicated and stressful the older you are. I no longer find [meditation] fun and interesting — I find it a lifesaver.”

As he grew older the practice became a staple in his daily routine he says. It consists of silent meditation and repeating a mantra, and is typically done twice a day.


Danson suffers from arthritis which has no cure. But he firmly believes his meditative practices keep his symptoms at bay. Whenever he feels discomfort because of a flare-up, he immediately turns to meditation to alleviate the pain.

Apart from physical benefits, the spiritual benefits of meditation have helped him realize what is important in life. Danson said, “…be present with my granddaughters, be with my wife, be real, be loving, be present.”

Danson and Steenburgen met in 1983 on the set of film “Cross Creek.” Danson auditioned to play her on-screen husband but did not get the role. In hindsight, he has said he is glad about that since he was not in a good place at the time.


Both of them were also married at the time to other people. But in 1993, they met again on the set of “Pontiac Moon.” This time they could not ignore one another.

They had both gotten divorced and had decided they would remain single. When they met one another again, while Steenburgen was attracted to Danson, she believed he was complicated and the two of them decided to become friends instead.

But Danson wanted more than friendship and organized a canoe and picnic trip to Mendocino, California. After they returned from the trip, they were madly in love with one another.

Over twenty years later, they are still crazy about each other. Danson said, “I want as long as possible in my life with Mary.”

Danson and Steenburgen’s love is proof that not everyone gets it right the first time. Sometimes it takes time to find the right person.

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