She revealed to her family, adding that “love doesn’t know math!”.

Music superstar Cher has found love with a new man.

The 76-year-old singer confirmed her new romance with 36-year-old Alexander Edwards, sending a stream of gushing messages about the music producer.

Speaking about their 40-year age gap, she said: “Love doesn’t know math.”

After holding hands with her “new man” at Craig’s restaurant in Hollywood last week, the singer—who had previously dated Tom Cruise, Kiss frontman Gene Simmons, Warren Beaty, and Sonny Bono for ten years—posted loving emojis about him on Instagram.

When a fan enquired about their relationship, the celebrity answered with a loved-up face and heart eyes and said on another social media platform that he treated her like a queen.

She continued by saying that she had already introduced him to her family and that they had first met during Paris Fashion Week a month ago.

Cher allayed fans’ concerns about Alexander, who previously dated Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose and admitted to cheating on her when they were dating by saying: “I’m not worried about him.

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