She Refused To Move Her Bag On The Subway, So A Stranger Taught Her A Lesson

“If you remove her, we would have an additional seat to spare,” a passenger yelled from the back of the train. But, we can imagine how many people would believe the situation could get worse after that incident. All Jessica could do was sit and watch as the whole thing unfolded. However, the woman blurted out that it was her personal space, and she held onto that belief. But, one passenger was not having it and shouted back at her that that wasn’t the case. There was an officer on the scene whose patience was running out, and he wasn’t up to all the stress. This was also the position of everyone else who was on the train at the time. But from all indications, everyone needed an end to the situation.

As she reached over to her, Jessica asked her if she could take the available seat next to her. Jessica asked her that favor in the most respectful way as she pointed towards the seat. The woman placed her huge Louis Vuitton bag on the spare seat, which means she took up two seats instead of one. Before long, Jessica got to understand the kind of woman she was dealing with fully, and the worse was yet to come.

Watch the full video below!