She refused to move her bag on the subway, So a stranger decided to teach her a lesson

A female passenger sparked outrage when she refused to move her purse from the seat next to her on a crowded train bound for New Jersey.

The unidentified woman can be seen in the video refusing to move her designer bag after other passengers and a conductor ask her to.  She was apparently taking up two disabled seats on the train.

The incident happened on a Trenton-bound Northeast Corridor line train Wednesday evening, which was delayed 25 minutes ‘due to police activity’, according to an alert

The woman refused to move her purse from a packed New Jersey transit train on Wednesday 

The woman refused to move her purse from a packed New Jersey transit train on Wednesday. The passenger sitting beside the woman has to repeatedly move her bag, which appears to be Louis Vuitton, off his lap as she continues to shuffle it around and place it on the empty seat.  ‘It’s already a late train, you’re delaying everybody,’ he tells her. She then yells at a standing female passenger: ‘You’re not disabled, you’re not pregnant.’ When the passenger yells back at her she replied: ‘ F**k off b***h, shut the f**k up, I can’t hear you.’ She then calls the passenger ‘disgusting’ and says: ‘I don’t want your bed bugs, I don’t want your smell [near me].’

A train conductor then intervenes as other passengers grow increasingly irate at the woman, who appears busy looking at her cellphone. She ignores his request to put her purse on an overhead rack to free up seating space. 

The woman ignored passengers who told her to move her purse and played on her cellphone 

When he asks her to move the purse, she yells at him: ‘Don’t put your hands on my stuff.’  The conductor then politely asks: ‘Can a passenger sit here?’ But she then responds: ‘No, I don’t want anyone sitting here’  and claims there are ‘more seats available.’ The woman apparently did not heed the officers’ request and left the train of her own accord. 

‘We encourage customers to make every seat available by placing bags on their laps or on overhead luggage racks and complying with the direction of train crews,’ she added.