Recognize her? Better sit down before you learn her true identity..

The actress shocked fans when she hit the runway in a plunging off-the-shoulder jacket and matching wide-leg trousers, which were paired with bold geometric earrings. While making her runway debut, many people noticed that she looks different and her cheekbones appeared much more defined. Fans fled to Twitter to discuss Demi’s new look, as one fan wrote: “Doesn’t look anything like Demi Moore tome. And if it is Demi Moore, the surgeon that did that to her is a quack.” Another fan asked: “What did demi moore do to her face ?!?!” Alongside a snap of the actress, a third Twitter user wrote: “Ummmm… WTF happened to Demi Moore’s face?

Fans agreed the actress looked different
Fans agreed the actress looked differentCredit: Splash News
The actress made her runway debut on Wednesday - she is pictured in October 2019

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