Prince William and Kate Middleton share heartbreaking news

The Prince and Princess of Wales are delivering some tragic news as they work hard to prepare for Christmas, which will be a first for the family since King Charles will be hosting the celebration for the first time ever.

William and Kate recently experienced another loss, and it comes at a time when things within the family are getting even more complicated than ever due to the new Netflix documentary featuring Harry and Meghan. Queen Elizabeth’s passing is still deeply felt by the members of the royal family as well as by every Briton.

According to reports, the royals don’t like the promos or the first episode that just aired because they think there are misinterpretations that could affect theri reputation.

Although the first episode mostly focuses on Harry and Meghan’s early lives and the beginning of their relationship, the close interviews and previously unseen footage of the Sussexes also reveal some unfavorable concepts that the royals will undoubtedly find offensive.

“Members of the Royal Family declined to comment on the content within this series,” a statement at the beginning of the documentary reads.

No one from the royal family, including Kate and William, seemed interested in discussing or even watching the contentious documentary, despite the fact that they probably are keen to find out what Harry and Meghan have to say in it.

The initial episodes of Harry and Meghan’s documentary series allegedly had representatives from Kensington and Buckingham Palace watching them, but the Prince and Princess of Wales reportedly declined to do so because they didn’t want to get into any form of conflict.

“The trailers already have some glaring errors and misrepresentations, which doesn’t bode well for the full series,” the royal insider said. “But the plan is to keep schtum and carry on.”

The Sussexes’ decision to turn down Charles’ invitation to spend Christmas in Britain is indicative that things aren’t going well.
Instead, they will have a party in California’s warm climate. The royals will still exchange gifts even if they won’t be in contact for the holidays.

The Sussexes won’t be giving gifts to Harry and Meghan, according to reports, and it can be assumed that they will do the same. However, they will undoubtedly send gifts to Archie and Lilibet. Despite the fact that he hasn’t seen his niece and nephew in more than a year and a half, William adores them very much.

“In the absence of goodwill between the couples, William and Kate will not deprive three-year-old Archie and Lilibet, one, of a present under the tree,” Royal commentator Roya Nikkhah wrote in The Times.

“And in one royal tradition that Team Sussex is still on board with, Harry and Meghan have also dispatched gifts for George, Charlotte and Louis, who are nine, seven and four. There will be no presents exchanged between the adults.”

In the wake of the jolliest time of the year, William and Kate shared that they lost a dear friend, Mark Jenkins, who tragically died in a plane crash while he flew over the Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

Mark and William met during the prince’s gap year and remained very close friends ever since.

“Yesterday, I lost a friend, who dedicated his life to protecting wildlife in some of East Africa’s most renowned national parks,” William said in a statement.

“Mark Jenkins, and his son Peter, were tragically killed when flying over Tsavo National Park while conducting an aerial patrol. Tonight, I’m thinking about Mark’s wife, family and colleagues who’ve sadly lost a man we all loved and admired,” the prince added.

Early reports of the investigation showed that Mark crashed while he was trying to drive goats, cows, and other animals out of the park.

“KWKenya Wildlife Service and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) teams are at the scene to investigate the circumstances of the crash,” a statement read.

“KWS wishes to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to the families of the deceased.”

Frankfurt Zoological Society released a statement as well, as per the Mirror.

“Mark was a lifelong conservationist and experienced bush pilot, who dedicated his career to protecting wildlife in some of East Africa’s most renowned national parks.

“Passionate, principled, and strong-willed, Mark was never afraid to speak his mind and stand for what he believed in. He was a commanding presence and made an indelible impression wherever he went.”

The statement continued: “Those of us who worked alongside him remember him for his determination, thoughtfulness, his energy, his mischievous smile, and his deep love of wildlife and wild places.”

William and Kate described Mark as “a man we all loved and admired.”

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