Nicolas Cage is heartbroken.

Despite his 2002 divorce from Lisa Marie Presley, Nicolas Cage still harbors fond memories of the late singer.

Shortly after the news came on January 12 that Presley had passed away at 54 after suffering a cardiac arrest.

The actor paid respect to Presley in a statement released by his manager.

“This is awful news. CNN obtained a touching note that includes the following passage: “Lisa had the finest laugh of anyone I’ve ever met.” “She was the brightest star in the sky, and her death has broken my heart.”

Cage didn’t stop there, either. The deceased son of Elvis Presley, Benjamin Keough, who committed suicide in 2020, was also mentioned by the actor. The message that Cage was intending to convey was made more tragic by this.

One may presume that Benjamin had positive recollections of him as a child since he wasn’t yet a teenager when Cage married Presley, which makes the rest of his remark all the more heartbreaking. When Benjamin was still a child, Cage wed Presley.

In the second part of his statement to CNN, Nicolas Cage said of Lisa Marie Presley’s son, “I find some serenity that she is reunited with her son Benjamin.” Everyone knew how much Presley loved her one and only kid, and they also knew how much she suffered after he died.