My son disappeared for 2 years until the secret behind the wardrobe was discovered…

Anecdote – the boy has been missing for 2 years. His parents were desperate for life and no longer knew how to live. Searching for his son through various means for many years was fruitless. However, no one thought that the truth about the disappearance of their son would be in their own family.

How did the child disappear?

Daniel’s son Jacob has been missing for over 2 years. Cleaning his room would bring all the good memories to mind, but it was also one of the things that made it hard for them to move. However, it was because of the cleaning that they discovered an amazing thing. As he moved through the closet, he suddenly caught sight of an unusual object. The wall behind the closet had peeled but was rebonded with plywood. Daniel moved the closet a little further to get a clear look around. He knelt down and tapped the plywood, and an echo could be heard inside. He immediately pulled open the plywood, revealing a large hole. So he probed in to see what secrets were hidden inside.

What was inside made him shudder.

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Miller’s family was originally warm and happy. The four members of the family include father Daniel (36), mother Sarah (34), Tom (11) and Jacob (8). The family had a wonderful time in their new home, but danger came so quietly.

While the family had breakfast together on a sunny Saturday, Jacob was slow to come downstairs. However, this is not unusual. After all, Jacob was often too enjoying his time to skip meals together.

“Jacob! Come down!” the mother yelled toward the stairs, but got no response. Fifteen minutes later, there was still no sign of Jacob. Sarah went straight to her son’s room. However, when she opened the door to the room, she was instantly stunned.

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The room was almost rummaged through boxes and cabinets, where is the shadow of my son! The whole scene seemed like a fierce battle.

She called her husband. Daniel looked around the room. He checked the underside of Jacob’s bed and found all the places he could hide. Jacob was really gone.

Daniel immediately called the police: “My son was kidnapped,” and then cried, “Please come over immediately.”

Daniel soon arrived at their home to begin the investigation.

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However, the police did not find Jacob’s whereabouts. Even the local residents had no idea where Jacob went.

Jacob was like this, and the world evaporated.

In the past two years, the whole family has undergone tremendous changes. Sarah fell into a sense of grief, and Daniel couldn’t let go of the loss of his son. He started drinking heavily, trying to numb himself with sleep and alcohol.

Until one day, in a drunken state, he decided to clean his son’s bedroom. “Enough! Jacob will never come back!”

However, when he tried to move Jacob’s closet, he found something unusual.

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He moved the closet carefully. There was actually a huge hole hidden behind him that he had never known about.

The hole was blocked with plywood. However, if you look closely, it’s actually not well covered.

Daniel pushed the plywood away and probed the space inside.

Gradually, I could see clearly from the darkness, and I found the traces of my son.


It’s Jacob’s shoes. With fear, panic, and mixed emotions, he hugged the shoes as if he had found Jacob who was lost and found. Soon after, he found another thing behind the wall.

A bag containing a rope, a piece of tape, a saw, a hammer and some nails, and something that shocked him.

On the floor, are the glasses of his next-door neighbor. Although the glasses were broken, the frames belonged to him.

Daniel immediately went to the neighbor’s house.

What awaited him was something he never expected…

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He angrily knocked on the door with his fist: “Open the door!” He shed tears in anger but helplessly.

After a while, the neighbor opened the door, looking puzzled. Daniel grabbed his collar and pushed him down: “Where is my son?!”

Neighbors were terrified and told Daniel that he would tell everything he wanted to know. With shaking hands he inserted the key into the cellar door and opened the cellar.

Daniel let go of the man and rushed into the basement. He found more things that overwhelmed him, unable to accept the overwhelming information.


His son, Jacob, was inside. He was lying on a nice bed in pajamas reading comics. The room is filled with toys, posters, and comics that kids can only dream of. Jacob looked up and saw his father. The two looked at each other for an eternity. Just waking up from a dream, Jacob fell into his father’s arms. Holding each other tightly, the tears could not stop flowing. After a few minutes of sadness and joy, Daniel regained his senses. They must leave this place of right and wrong now!

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Daniel pulled up his son and ran to the ground immediately. The door was still open, and the neighbors had long since disappeared. He took the kids home and reported 911. When the police arrived at the neighbor’s house, the house was already empty. But they didn’t get far. Police found the couple hiding in nearby woods. They were immediately arrested and interrogated. During the interrogation, even more horrific truths were revealed.


Karolyn and Hank have always wanted to have children, but Carolyn’s uterus problems prevent them from getting their wish. Caroline wants children to the point of madness. Until I saw Jacob, the child of this happy family, the plan began secretly.

“He belongs to me…it’s like this deja vu…” she explained, asking her husband to kidnap the child. Han could do anything for his wife, so he carried out this dark operation one Wednesday night. He put on black clothes and came to Daniel and Sarah’s courtyard.

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He found the weak point in the outer wall and climbed the wall to Jacob’s room. Meanwhile, Caroline is furnishing Jacob’s room with joy. She wants to have Jacob alone. Fortunately, Daniel managed to stop this. However, the mental damage to the Miller family is eternal.

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A year after Jacob was found, the family slowly recovered from the incident. They will never forget the tragedy that happened. They are more certain that time, support, and love will get them back on their feet. Caroline and Han didn’t end up so well. The two faced years of prison sentences. They lost everything, almost everything… Because it didn’t take long for them to receive unexpected letters…


Little James wrote them a letter expressing his forgiveness for their selfish behavior. He didn’t hate them, but hoped that one day they would be happy too. Forgiving the person who kidnapped oneself is actually not an easy task. However, when things change, he can slowly walk out of the shadows and return to the cheerful personality of the year. The power of forgiveness didn’t just imprint on Jacob’s life.

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Jacob’s strength even more exaggerated the parents. How a kid who was imprisoned for two years was able to write words of forgiveness for his kidnappers on a piece of paper? His actions made Daniel and Sarah do what you could have guessed. They decided to drop the charges against their neighbors. They broke the law. But more of it is the evil thoughts that arise from the helplessness of being infertile. They do not agree with the kidnapping of their neighbors, but they understand their situation. You will never guess what will happen next!

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After a year in prison, Han and Caroline were released. Danny and Sarah even helped them pay their bail. With guilt and gratitude, the couple continued to live next door to their house. This is an unprecedented story. The difference between good and evil is one thought.

This story is really inspiring. Look at the people around you, and see if there’s someone you’ve been thinking about but couldn’t forgive. Try the Jacob mentality, try to take the step of forgiveness. Give each other a chance to hug, tell everyone your problem, there are too many turbulences in this world, it is the people who need to fight against the desolation of the world together.