Mom has no words when she hears why her boy is born with snow-white hair

In 2015, Bence arrived into this world, his parents were speechless when they set eyes on him.

Their son had a full head of snow-white hair which they couldn’t figure out.

They thought perhaps he had albinism, however the doctor had a different opinion.

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Although each newborn is different based on their hair color, skin color or other characteristics. All that matters once the baby is born that it’s healthy.

Around five out of 100,000 children are born with albinism. This is a congenital disorder which can leave someone with a complete or partial lack of pigment in their skin, hair and eyes.

His parents were worried as they were unsure as to why their baby was born with completely white hair.

They wondered if their son was ill. Albinism is not a dangerous disease, however some children are bullied at school because they look different to the other children.

The doctors carried out a number of tests and the results came a couple of days plater. it turns out that Bence was a perfectly healthy child with very light hair color.

Doctors felt that his hair will become darker as he got older. Doctors also explained that Bence had a lack of pigment in his hair which can be temporary and eventually disappear over the years

A temporary pigmentation disorder could be the possible reason for Bence’s white hair. When people are born with this condition they generally get darker over time.

Once his parents realised that Bence was a perfectly health baby they were relieved. Bence’s white hair made him more unique.

The parents posted some pictures of Bence on the internet with his beautiful hair which went viral as people called him “The Charming Prince”.