Hero in Gym

Ricky Derouen posted about what happened the other day when he was in the gym.

Here’s what he wrote:

The man in the orange shirt doesn’t seem like the the bragging type so I’ll brag for him.

While working out at Planet Fitness in Pascagoula a special needs man constantly approached him about 10 different times in a 45 minute time span with handshakes, hugs, questions, and interactions.

Not only did the man in the orange shirt smile, laugh, give him workout advice multiple times, and joke back with him while getting in his own workout, but he didn’t care who was watching while doing it.

His patience, compassion, and friendliness was next level admirable.

Toward the end of the workout the special needs man approached me and pointed to the man in the orange shirt and said “that’s my friend” with a huge smile on his face.

The picture isn’t the best but they were the best creeper pics I could take at the time ? and this guy deserves recognition.

The world needs more people like this man in the orange shirt, well done sir

**UPDATE** Ladies and Gentlemen we found the man in Orange his name is David Samuel

—Ricky Derouen

God bless people like David Samuel.

He sounds like my kind of person.